MENTAL BLANK DECK W/Gimmick Bicycle Deck by Zane

Product Description

NEW Gimmick Deck!! Your audience will have a ‘Mental Blank’ after witnessing this amazing and baffling routine of mind control using this specially gimmicked & unique deck by Zane!

EFFECT – Magician/Mentalist offers to give the audience a demonstration of ‘mind control’ and states from the outset that they he/she will not show anybody the faces of the cards just yet – So as not to influence the choice of any particular card. A card is selected at random in the fairest possible manner and once the card is remembered, the card is returned facedown to the center of the deck and the deck is thoroughly mixed.

The wonder worker then slowly deals the cards one at a time facedown in a pile on the table and the spectator is asked to call out “stop” at anytime they wish (it really is a free choice). The spectator is asked to draw the 'stopped at card' facedown towards themselves but not to turn it over just yet. The spectator is then asked to name his freely chosen card out loud.

The magician reminds everyone, “do you remember that I said I didn’t want to show you the faces of the cards until later…Well I can now reveal that in fact there was only ever one card in this deck…Unbelievably the card that you choose - because the rest of the deck are unprinted – completely blank!!” The deck is turned over and a sure enough a blank card is seen on the face of the deck - the cards are then spread and shown singly one card after the other to be blank and once the deck is shown to be completely blank the magician says, “but what would be even more incredible is if the very card you stopped at is your card”. The card is turned over by the spectator and it is the chosen card!

This clever well thought out routine really staggers people and gets gasps from the audience – Strong mental magic at it’s best!

  • Comes with Specially Created Gimmick Bicycle Deck
  • No Skill Required!
  • Easy to do!
  • Instant Re-set!
  • No Rough ‘n’ Smooth!
  • Comprehensive Easy to follow instructions!
  • Zane’s Full Routine!
  • Lot’s of Pro Tips!
  • Bonus Alternative Presentation Given!

"I am very pleased with this product and can certainly vouch for it's effectiveness having performed the trick in my act before releashing it!" Zane


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