The Amazing Fartzini: An incredible story about an incredible boy who found magic by Shane Robinson - Book

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Ingrid Fartz and her eleven-year-old son, Eric, fled their hometown of Sheffield to start a new life in Ramsgate, Kent, to escape from Eric’s Father. Eric was a quiet and painfully shy boy lacking in confidence, who was bullied by two horrible boys at his new school. He didn’t have any friends either and was feeling pretty low, until one day. A chance meeting with an old magician at a magic shop stall at the local Christmas Fair convinced him to take up magic, which changed his life!

Throughout the story Eric learns and performs amazing magic tricks, which are also taught at the rear of the book! The story culminates in Eric entering ‘St. Bartholomew’s Got Talent’, but will he get the chance to take part?

This is an entertaining and thought-provoking story about Eric’s struggle at ‘Big School’, filled with inspiration and advice not only about performing magic but also on how to become more self-confident and a high achiever!

Although it is a fictional story it could just as easily have been written about many young people in the real world today, struggling with confidence issues. Maybe that is you? If it is then this book will be definitely be very helpful to you as well as being an interesting and enjoyable read, plus your learn some really cool magic tricks too!

It is a modern day fairytale about triumph over adversity, written by a professional magician with young people in mind!


An Entertaining and Thought-Provoking Novel, Filled With Inspiration!

An Instructional Magic Book, Teaching Amazing Easy-to-do Magic Tricks!

And a Motivational, Confidence-Boosting Self-Help Book For Children!

Beautifully Illustrated by Alexandra Stone.

390 Pages; Paperback; Published; December 12th 2018; For ages 9 Years upwards; 5 Stars!

'The Amazing Fartzini' by Shane Robinson, is also available to buy as a Kindle ebook or paperback book from Amazon world-wide, and well-known bookstores.

"The book has over two dozen amazing yet easy-to-do magic tricks using every-day objects, including coins, playing cards, rubber bands, pens, a spoon, paper clips, drinking glasses, bank-notes, a neck tie, a mobile phone, among all sorts of other objects! These are magic tricks I have performed over many years, and still do! They are some of the best impromtu type tricks ever created; all written and taught how I perform them, and with my own added twist and ideas.

The book is filled with advice from my many years experience of being a top professional magician, and also teaches the reader how to be a better magician!

Also, if you purchase the paperback book from me direct, I will of course be happy to sign your copy!" Zane/Shane Robinson

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