The Amazing Fartzini III: Finale by Shane Robinson - Book

Product Description

The thrilling and explosive finale to 'The Amazing Fartzini' trilogy series about the magician Eric Fartz!

'The Amazing Fartzini’ stood in position, feeling very alone on the biggest stage he’d ever performed. Now, a famous magician, headlining at a Las Vegas casino resort, about to demonstrate the most dangerous magic trick stunt of his entire twenty-five-year-old life, attempting to catch a live bullet between his teeth! Facing him was an armed marksman, pointing an old-fashioned musket at him, loaded with a deadly bullet with his name on it!

Has the magician’s past finally caught up with him?

And, will his finale also be his final performance?

Superb quality paperback! 430 Pages! Suitable for young teens to adults!

And, ofcourse, if you request it, I will be happy to sign your copy.

Also available, as with the other books in the series, in ebook format.

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