The PK Magnet DVD by Zane - DVD

Product Description

Learn the Secrets to Performing Amazing PK Stunts With Magnets From PK Expert Zane! Including an In-depth Lesson on Using Zane's Best Selling 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0'!

For the first time on DVD professional magician and Psychokinesis expert, Zane, will teach you how to perform incredible PK stunts that will amaze your audience and help build your reputation!

In no time at all you will learn how to move objects seemingly by themselves; cause coins and other items to flip over in a spectator's hand; cause the hands on someone's watch to stop and then re-start again - all under your control; turn an electric light bulb on with the power of your mind without touching it; and cause spoons and coins to suspend from each other, etc. Plus many pro tips!

PLUS, Zane also teaches you his handling of his best-selling 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0'. He also gives the low down on some of his closely guarded PK routines, including his incredible 'PK Blu Tac' routine and 'Telekinetic Card Case' (an organic version of The 'Telekinetic Block'). Plus other amazing stunts using 'The PK Magnet Ring' and 'The Magnetic Thumb Tip', etc. There are even a couple of PK card trick effects on this DVD!

All the PK effects taught on this DVD have one thing in common - the various methods are easy to do and all use magnets to accomplish them!

Running time approx 50 minutes.

This DVD is ideal for the Beginner to PK Magic with magnets!


PLEASE NOTE - If you already own 'Zane's PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0' or a similar product, then 'The PK Magnet DVD' by Zane is well worth buying (as the PK Kits only come with basic written instructions)! To purchase 'Zane's PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0' please click on the link below!

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