The Amazing Fartzini II: The magical adventures of a boy wizard continue ... by Shane Robinson - Book

Product Description

In the sequel to 'The Amazing Fartzini', Eric Fartz, the boy wizard, continues to amaze wherever he goes. But, trouble is never far behind him - not if his arch-enemy, David Smythe Jr, has anything to do with it!

In this exciting new magical adventure, will Eric survive his most death-defying escape yet? And will he finally manage to win the battle and escape from not only the physical but the mental shackles of his tormentor?

Enter the awesomely imaginative mind of a boy wizard, where magic, fearsome mythological dragons, castles, knights in shining armour, witches, fortune-tellers and gangsters are commonplace, and where reality blurs with fantasy, questioning what is real and what is not!

Readers of the first book will love the second book, which picks up right where the first book left off, with all the same characters, and new ones!

As with the first book, the entertaining sequel is filled with inspiration and motivation, with plenty of references to magic performance for magic fans!

Excellent quality Paperback, 373 pages. Also available to purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones and other major booksellers.

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